The Fellowship

The Fellowship

Every Sunday Morning

The church gathers together every Sunday morning to minister to one another. We welcome all to be our guest! We live in a great city where many folks choose to visit on vacation. Therefore, we are a guest friendly church and are expecting you!


The Greek word for “fellowship” is koinonia, which means “communion,” or “communication.”

Koinonia is people sharing with one another the things of the kingdom and the things of God. Unfortunately, the richness of koinonia has been reduced to a lightweight frivolity in so many churches today, where a time of fellowship is usually synonymous with nothing more than a time of coffee and cookies.

“I don’t need koinonia,” you say. “I’ve been a Christian for fourteen years. I’m as strong and tall as a redwood tree.”  Really? Think about the redwood tree: Redwood trees appear invincible, but in reality, a relatively mild wind can topple one. You see, above the surface, redwoods seem strong, but their root systems are very, very shallow.  That is why they always grow in groves. Their strength comes from interlocking their roots with other redwoods.

1 John 1:3 – “That which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.”

First John reminds us that our fellowship, our koinonia, our partnership, what we really share in common, is Jesus Christ. That’s what the Apostle John is sharing, and it is our confession is well, if we will receive it and walk in it. Our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son. The reason that we declare Christ to people and tell what we have seen and heard and known of Him is that they might fellowship with us. We say, “Koinonia with us, participate with us. Take part together with us in what we have found.” What is it that we have found? Relationship with the Father and with the Son. In fact, it says truly our fellowship, our koinonia, our partnership, what we partake of together is the Father and the Son.

The Upper Room

We meet in a small intimate setting which allows for true fellowship and one another ministry.

Having coffee and doughnuts fine but don’t forget to include the Father and the Son. having coffee and doughnuts fine but don’t forget to include the Father and the Son. It is all about Him with the coffee, with the doughnuts it is:  “Isn’t Jesus great?”  “Tell me, what has the Lord done in your life?”  This is good because it is so easy to kind of just deteriorate into, “Man I never tasted that kind of jelly doughnut.” It isn’t doughnuts that we share in common; it is the Lord that we share in common.  And you are not having fellowship really unless you are partaking together of His reality.   That is fellowship.

In fact, that is one of the reasons that by the time the church service starts, the roof is about to explode here at Calvary (and at MANY other churches). Everybody’s heart is pumping with expectation.   They have been sharing the Lord with each other.   “Hey my neighbor met the Lord this week.”   “Would you pray for my daughter?”  “How can I serve you?”   I mean there is Koinonia going on.   Then you come to worship this One that you are sharing in and to hear from and boom.  Man that is church. Not dragging in together, oh man I need a cup of coffee man.  Then stand around talking about doughnuts and then going in to sit down and worship and study and thinking that you should have had a second cup of coffee.  I am kind of characterizing that, but I know how it works because I have been there.  I could go there any day just leave it to the natural flesh, the natural indication, the natural religious direction. Our fellowship is with the Father and with the Son.  It is just loving Him and sharing our love relationship and ministering His hope and goodness and grace to each other.  That is Koinonia. So, come Koinonia with us 🙂