Camp Work Day

Camp Work Day


  • Join us this October as we winterize the camp. We have a lot of projects to do around camp that will suit all ages and abilities.
    • For example, you can help in in the kitchen preparing meals for the workers, help stack firewood, do housekeeping chores such as vacuuming and washing dishes.  We will clean the bathrooms and sanitize the kitchen.  The office can be organized.  Clutter around the camp property can be picked up.  Trash will be gathered and emptied.  Others will help repairing broken items around the property.  We will blow water out of the bathroom pipes so they don’t freeze, etc
  • We will get started Thursday morning morning October 13th, 2016 and will finalize the clean up on Saturday.  Thursday and Friday are the biggest work days, with Saturday being the details of wrapping things up and closing the gate.  Arrive and depart at your convenience.  For example, you are welcome to come and help for an hour or two and then depart.  Or you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and spend the night.  Or anything in between.
  • What to bring:
    • Bring snacks and any special meals that you need.
    • We will provide beef steaks and ground beef.  However, there will be a need for a kitchen worker and a cook.
    • Bring toiletries and a sleeping bag if you spend the night.
    • Bring work clothes, gloves and boots.  Bring layers as it get cold at night and in the mornings.
  • If you are interested in help, please RSVP with by emailing your name and the number of people attending with you to

Many thanks as you serve the Lord Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jeff