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How Did This Church Begin?

We began as a Bible Study in Carbondale with the intention (and leading from God) to land permanently in Glenwood Springs. Our first church meeting was at the Roaring Fork High School on Easter 2010. The pastor would love to meet with you personally and share the testimony about how God began this church – it’s truly a venture in faith!

What is the Difference Between your Church and Other Calvary Chapel Churches?

Good question! Thanks for asking 🙂

We maintain the same “DNA” as others in the Calvary Chapel family of churches. The difference that you may notice is that we are one of the smaller churches, where many in Calvary Chapel grow large. Bigger churches have a multitude of events, a bigger staff, and other blessings that allow them to minister to the community. If you come from a larger Calvary, that will be the number one difference. However, there are many blessing that come with a small church family. To learn more make it a point to meet with the pastor after church on Sunday for a meal – he’s buying! (just one of the many advantages of a smaller fellowship).

How Can I Get Involved?

We watch many church members get involved by simply asking. Some ministry slots require a season of training and on-boarding. But, we aim for 100% involvement.

Can I Observe the Meeting Without Getting Involved?

Absolutely. Just sneak in and sneak out. We won’t intrude. But, be reminded that we are a church family and there is a lot of loving people that will want to reach out and get to know you.