2 Samuel 20 “The Rebellion of Sheba”

2 Samuel 20 “The Rebellion of Sheba”

There’s no furlough from the fight of faith. If you are a Christian, especially if you are engaged in Christian service, you will constantly be reminded that this earth is not your home. We do not live on a playground. The Bible is very clear that we don’t have complete rest until we’re home in heaven.

When we lose the mindset that this world is a battlefield, we get blown away by our circumstances. The battle does not let up, but we can find rest in the midst of the battle.

In 2 Samuel 20, David had just finished putting down the rebellion of his son, and resolved a squabble between Judah and the other tribes when another rebellion springs up.

This history of David was written for our edification and understanding to live the godly life. Just like David, we will find ourselves going through battles in life. But how will we handle them?