2 Samuel 22 “The Last Song of David”

2 Samuel 22 “The Last Song of David”

Most scholars agree this is the last song of David. Although it mirrors Psalm 18, there is evidence that he edited some aspects of it to reflect on his life.

The shadow of time is upon him. He has had a full life of heights and depths.

There are three recent events that occurred in his life that prepared him to write this song:

  1. The anguish and grief of the premature death of his son Absalom.
  2. The blow of the three-year famine in the land of Israel.
  3. War with the Philistines.

Despite all of the difficult situations he went through, this song is a song of Thanksgiving.

And the three themes we can see throughout this song of David are:

  1. The Sovereignty of God
  2. His Power of Deliverance
  3. The Necessity of Obedience

It is important in our lives to take time to reflect on what God has brought us through. When you see God for who He truly is, it is easy to trust Him.