Christmas in the Book of Revelation

Christmas in the Book of Revelation

This is a conflict that shows that Satan didn’t want there to be a Christmas at all.  He didn’t want Jesus to be born and he did everything he could to stop it. In some ways it looked like he might have succeeded but God intervened — because God always has the last word.

Revelation gives us the big picture of what Christmas is and why Satan hates it.

The whole purpose of Christmas is because Jesus was born to die. That is why He came. This is why Satan wanted to kill Christmas. 

Frankly the devil doesn’t care if you shop till you drop or decorate your trees.

He doesn’t care if you decorate your house with season’s greetings and even applauds it when people get drunk at the office party for the holiday.  But if you take the time to contemplate what Christmas is all about he will be angry. If Satan can’t stop Christmas he would rather we not understand it.

Maybe the problem with our Christmas celebrations is we have made it all too beautiful.

This time of the year we have all of these images of sleighs and the snow and the freshly baked goods and the wrapped packages under the tree. It has all of that great music that goes with it.  Maybe in all of that we can miss what Christmas is about.

Sometimes in our attempts to beautify and sanitize Christmas we might miss the essential message. That is what we see here in this story.

This may have come as a shock to you, that the Christmas story is not about love, peace, harmony, and gathering with family around a crackling fire. The real Christmas story is actually about conflict. It always has been, and it always will be.

Like it or not as a follower of Jesus you are going to have people that will show hostility to you because of it. Here we have a choice in our lives as Christians. It is not a choice of fighting or not fighting in the spiritual battle. It is a choice of victory or defeat. Winning or losing. Advancing or retreating.

Here is the good news.

Though you will be hassled by the enemy you will never have more than you can handle. God has put a wall of protection around every believer. He will never let you be tested above what are able. So be confident in that fact. You can be victorious in your relationship with Jesus Christ as you follow Him.

We are living in difficult days. Look around and be ready to share this gospel! Follow along this study by viewing the video above.