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Radio Ministry

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Christian Radio for Glenwood Springs. “The Springs of Living Water”

We are in the infancy stages of launching a new radio ministry to spread the Good News to Glenwood Springs and beyond. Pray about serving in the radio ministry. We are currently taking applications for this volunteer position in the church.

Why Radio Ministry?

  • Radio is a powerful medium for communication.
  • In the U.S. alone there are over 550 million radios in use including more than 170 million in vehicles as standard equipment.
  • That amounts to almost six radios per household!
  • Additionally, a huge percentage of Americans have access to streaming radio through Apple TV, Roku box, a browser, or apps on smartphones and iPods.
  • Americans utilize radio more than any other medium during the workday.
  • Many listen for 2 hours per day in their cars alone!
  • An incredible 96% of adults age 25-54 listen to radio on a regular basis with the 12+ demographic not far behind!
  • Our valley has two great music stations – we desire to bring inspirational teaching to that mix. We offer that which is not yet available, sound bible teaching.
  • Testimonies abound about people getting saved listening to the radio.

Learn More

Contact us by texting (970) 510-0055. Let us know you are a listener!
Download the Radio Ministry brochure here!

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106.7FM KGWS


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